Deterioration of services sparks outrage in Southern Yemen

Renewed angry popular protests expanded on Monday evening to include most directorates of Aden (southern Yemen) after the city was engulfed in darkness.

The blackout crisis coincided with a severe rise in temperature in the coastal directorates of Aden and its suburbs, amidst stiff government promises that did not witness any action. At the same time, there was no popular response due to its lack of credibility over the past years.

Protests were renewed in the Mansoura directorate and extended to Sheikh Othman, Khormaksar, Al Shaab, and Inmaa, condemning the continuous power cuts lasting between 10 to 15 hours versus 2 hours of power generation.

The angry protesters set fire to damaged tires on the main streets, closed them off, and prevented vehicle movement.

Despite government promises to provide fuel for the power plants and repair the malfunctions causing complete outages in some residential areas, they did not deliver anything until late on Monday evening.

Days ago, the Aden Electricity Corporation called on the relevant government entities to provide fuel for the power plants after its stock ran out, announcing the gradual scaling back of services, but these demands did not receive attention.